Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beautiful Killarney

Hi all back at last from my holiday in Killarney,hope you like the photos

Photos of how people lived in these small cottages,these are all in the same room

A replica of village life

A place called "Ladies View"on MacGillicuddy Reeks

Muckross House,really beautiful ,and Ross Castle
and lakes

Looking down over Killarney from the mountains

Will definitely go back again


  1. Beautiful!! I'd say that was a fab holiday! I've been living in Ireland for 6 years and still have to do Killarney. It looks really gorgeous.

  2. Love the photos! Those are pretty cozy sleeping arrangements!

  3. Oh I love that area - my hubby and I did a tour round Ireland in a tent in 2000 and saw Muckross House and Ladies View etc - super nice!