Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tips on Restyling Clothes

Before you decide to “get rid” of some of your older clothes why not try restyling them. It’s not as difficult as you think, start with some easy changes.
For example.
A blouse, cardigan, jacket or coat, get some nice new buttons and take the trouble to sew them on, I know you probably heard it before but believe me it works.

What about adding lace down the front of your blouse or cardigan,or around the neck if you prefer.
A good idea is to keep an eye out in department stores and check out the latest trims on clothes, even have a note pad with you for reference later.
This season the latest trends are lots of “Sparkles” or “Lace” trim which you can buy in a haberdashery but remember to measure the length of trim you will need.

Also if you’r handy with a sewing machine and your dress or blouse has long sleeves why not cut them shorter, I like my sleeves just to the elbow.

Treat yourself to a brooch and pin it on the shoulder of your dress or coat, you can buy some nice one’s at the local market or even charity shop.
Next time I hope to show some photos of changes I have made to clothes, it’s amazing what a difference it can make and make’s you feel good too!

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