Monday, July 11, 2011


I saw this Tutorials and thought you might like to give it a try. Great for a night out or even to the beach. Love your comments.

Note: This type of design works best with chiffon, jersey, or material that drapes well.

And also you need to know a little about sewing.

1. The length and width depend on you. Fold it in half and find the center.

2. The neckline measurements I gave are a good basic guideline but there are so many different variations you can try. Usually the front has a style variation but the back should be just an inch deep, if you want it to sit behind your neck.

3. This one is more similar to the picture.
4. If you want your arms to have more stability this design is more appropriate.
5. This is another variation that a friend of mine saw in BCBG.

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