Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Two Years Later !

I'm quite sure most of my readers have given up on me by now, my life got so busy ( good and bad) you can guess what I mean , so here I am again ready to communicate with whoever likes to engage with me. I'm fast approaching my birthday 25th April ,and will be celebrating with family and friends.  Work "my alteration business" is still busy which I'm delighted with, considering the recession we're in, although the government keeps saying is nearly over, wishful thinking!
My friend has finished all her treatment for breast cancer and is looking and feeling good ,back to enjoying life again. As for me I'm still working on my crafts which I enjoy very much, I attended my first craft show last Sunday in Castletown House , Celbridge ,Kildare ,weather was dreadful, wind and rain and quite cold ,glad it was indoors. My lovely granddaughter, Katelyn, helped me and we had a lovely time together. I'll be more organised  next time and have some photos of my new crafts so bye for now .

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