Monday, July 5, 2010

My Velvet Jewelry Bags

These are my latest Velvet Embossed Bags.

They come in three different sizes

Small, 4x3ins,
Medium 4.5x4ins,

large 6.5x5ins

Great for carrying your Jewelry,etc. if going on holiday
or maby
Crystals,Chakra Stones.etc.

The large size hold, Angel cards or Tarot cards also.

Made from luxurious rich velvet

embossed by myself.


  1. Hey

    Gorgeous bags.. so pretty! May have to treat myself in the future!

    Look forward to seeing some more goodies soon!


  2. HI...thanks for stopping over and visiting...I am a follower of your blog as well....Good luck to you...looking forward to reading about you...:)