Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lemons and Limes

At this moment in time I'm working on a textile piece relating to the poem " Thread Softly " by William Butler Yeats. I have to finish it by Friday so all systems go!

Thought I might show you a couple of my paintings which are hanging on my kitchen wall.
As you can see these were painted in 2005.
If your interested ,I will be giving some tips on "Beginners Art"shortly so hope you'll join me


  1. Wow!! Really impressive art.... I'm in awe... the other sewing crafts are brilliant too!!

    What medium have u used? I used to do a little bit of watercolours in the distant past.... maybe might be time to dust them off!!!


  2. Thanks Bernie,I use acrylics and if diluted with water can be used like watercolours