Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beginners Art ,colours

Hi all, if anyone is taking up painting as a hobby I thought you might like a few tips on colours to begin with. When I teach "Beginners Art Classes" these are a few suggestions I give to my group.

By the way may I add I am using Acrylics as my choice of medium ,did you know if diluted with water acrylics can be used like watercolours.

Primary colours are, as everyone knows, Red,Blue,Yellow.
My favourites are Crimson Red, Cobalt Blue and Process Yellow.
Daler- Rowney and Windsor & Newton are the most popular makes in Ireland but I'm sure whatever country you live in there are much more .

You probably know when you mix , red and yellow it makes orange, blue and yellow make green and red and blue make purple and also when you mix white to either it changes the shades, so you have to experience yourself. You can see these are just from the primary colours,can you imagine the choices you have when you start exploring colour.
Believe me this part you'll enjoy immensely

Sap Green is good to have because when you add yellow in different amounts you get a variation of greens.

Burnt Umber is a nice warm brown and great for darkening the tone of other colours. If you use a lot of orange get yourself a tube of Cadmium Orange. Also Paynes Grey is good to have and don't forget White, mixing white is usually the cheapest and as the name suggests it blends well with other colours."

Please don't forget these are only my suggestions .

Next time I will be talking about Brushes and advising on sizes.


  1. Hi there! Pandula Arts Creations here a.k.a. Marsha. Guess what? We have a mutual friend. Kraftymax has been one of my very closest friends for many years. She is in large responsible for my involvements in the art world. Right down to supplying me with supplies on more than one occasion. I was even in her wedding. Right now I live in Georgia USA, but am originally from St. Augustine, FL. About 30 minutes from Jacksonville where she lives. I am soooooo homesick just talking about it. Can't believe I have a fan as far away as Ireland. How cool is that! Please visit often and I would love any feedback you have to offer.

  2. Love your post! I just added you to my "blogs I like" list- so I can remember to check back!

  3. Thank you ladies for your interest,I'm new to "blogging" but enjoying it immensely.