Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beginners Art,Canvas

When I began painting I used acrylic paper (which you see here on the left).After a few months I began using canvas board ,8x10ins was the size I started with and slowly I drifted on to a larger size and found it easier to paint my picture,you will understand this in time.
I then progressed to stretched canvas,and I was hooked,the paint seemed to glide on ,now I was an "artist".Well in my mind I was!

Keeping the paint workable!
I was then introduced to a "wet pallet".To describe it ,I would say it is similar to an oblong plastic container lined with a layer of "blotting paper"(named as such in Ireland),over that is placed a layer of "greaseproof paper" .This is wet with a small amount of water. This prevents your paint from drying up too quickly.
Place the lid on your container when finished working and your paint should be workable for a few days.

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