Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Craft Fair

Sorry for not posting sooner but I have been so busy making my Embossed Velvet scarves and bags for some Craft Fairs I'm exhibiting in.

Last weekend, 6th & 7th November in Killester,north Dublin, was a great craft fair.Organised and advertised really well with the result lots of people turned up .

My scarves and bags were very popular with buyers and got lots of orders also.

I seem to be sewing every day and keeping up with my my alteration and repair business is tough at the moment but I must not complain as life is good at the moment.

My Tote bags or Shopping bags as we call them in Ireland are quite popular here also.
Love to here some feed back from you about my work as this helps me immensely.


  1. I got a sewing machine for christmas, then we moved into my mum-in-law's for a while whilst our new house was being built. That wee while ended up being 9 months and I had nowhere to use it. Now it's here and staring at me - I a little scared of it, hahahaha

  2. You are such a talented lady I'm sure your work will be fab,looking forward to seeing it,Valerie