Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Your Workspace

Making life easier in your workspace, is easier said than done! But everything gets out of control at some stage and when this happens, (which happens a lot) start by tidying up!!!!
Next put the work that needs to be done first in some kind of order. Now your getting somewhere.
Because I do Alterations and Repairs this is my main agenda, first come first served is my motto!

I have one rail for incoming orders and another (which I have done) for outing, ready to collect.
I find my threads get in a mess so sorting them out is a great help to me, finding the colours at a glance is a treat!

Best of all is keeping all your spare pieces of fabric in one place,and getting "rid"of stuff you really "Do not need".

As regards my crafts I to do my orders first, which usually means Velvet Scarves and Bags,Totes etc. and the part I love best is trying new patterns for my crafts, which gets me back to my workspace being a mess!!!!!!!!!!!

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